Pensacola State College

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Title: Booker T. Washington Junior College
Abstract/Description: Booker T. Washington Junior College was the first junior college for African Americans established in the state of Florida. Opened in 1949, its first class of twenty-three graduated in 1951. The college was headed by Dr. Garrett T. Wiggins for its entire sixteen year existence. In 1966, Booker T. Wa...
Title: Ephemera
Abstract/Description: Programs, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, and other small printed materials related to the history of Pensacola State College.
Title: Lyceum
Abstract/Description: This collection documents Lyceum and other intellectual events at Pensacola State College, including concerts, comedy, drama, dance, exhibitions, and lectures, featuring nationally and internationally recognized speakers and performers as well as local talent. Initiated in 1958 by Performing Arts Ch...
Title: Photographs
Abstract/Description: Photographs documenting events at Pensacola State College since its founding in 1949.
Title: Scrapbooks
Abstract/Description: This collection contains scrapbooks documenting the early years of Pensacola State College, which was then known as Pensacola Junior College. It also includes the scrapbook of Booker T. Washington Junior College, which merged with Pensacola Junior College in 1966.
Title: Student Newspapers
Abstract/Description: Student newspapers produced at Pensacola State College (and Pensacola Junior College) students from 1949-present. Issues of The Beachcomber (1949) and The Corsair are included.
Title: Yearbooks
Abstract/Description: This collection includes yearbooks for Pensacola Junior College and its associated Adult High School beginning with the 1950 edition of The Tide